Preparations before testing

01 In order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, ensure that the main power supply of the laser system and water cooler is disconnected, and live working is strictly prohibited;

02 Close all water inlet and outlet valves of the water cooler.

Tips: Do not direct your eyes to the direction of the laser at any time.

System inspection and maintenance

【1】 Power supply system

01 Power supply line: no serious bending, damage or disconnection;

02 Power cord connection: press the plug to ensure firm connection;

03 Control signal line: the interface is firmly connected without looseness.

【2】 Air supply system

01 Air pipeline: no damage, no blockage, good air tightness;

02 Tighten the joints of each gas pipeline to ensure the connection is firm and smooth;

03 Use standard gases according to the requirements of the equipment manufacturer.

【3】 Water cooling system

01 Confirm to close the water inlet and outlet valves again;

02 Water tank/water pipe: no bending, blockage or damage. Clean the water tank and water pipe;

03 Tighten all water pipe joints to ensure firm and smooth connection;

04 If the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, it is necessary to use a warm air device to blow the internal pipes of the water cooler for a period of time to confirm that there is no freezing;

Warm prompt: If the equipment is shut down for a long time in an environment below 0 ℃, it is necessary to carefully check whether the cooling water pipe is frozen or has been frozen. If any, please be sure to contact the equipment manufacturer in advance to avoid greater losses after operation!

05 Inject the specified amount of distilled water into the water cooler and let it stand for 30min to ensure that there is no sign of water leakage;

Warm prompt: If the temperature is lower than 5 ℃, it is necessary to dilute it according to the correct method and add antifreeze.

06 Turn on the power switch of the water cooler, and keep the power of other equipment off;

07 Open the water inlet and outlet valves of the water cooler in a small amount and operate the water cooler to circulate the cooling water from the laser and optical head back to the water tank at a low flow rate, and drain the excess air in the water circuit pipe. This process is recommended to be completed within 1 minute;

08 Mark the water level position of the water tank, let it stand for another 30min, observe whether the water level changes, and again ensure that there is no water leakage in the internal pipeline;

09 When all the above are confirmed to be correct, restart the water cooler, open the water valve normally, wait for the water temperature to reach the set temperature, and prepare for equipment operation.

Equipment operation inspection

【1】 Power on operation of equipment

01 Confirm that the water temperature of the water cooler has reached the set temperature;

Warm prompt: The speed of water temperature rise is related to whether the chiller has heating function.

02 Turn on the power switch of the laser processing system. After the laser is powered on, the POWER indicator on the laser panel will light up.

Warm prompt: first check the optical circuit, and do not directly light or process. After the laser is started, observe whether each indicator is normal and whether there is an alarm. If there is an alarm, connect the laser monitoring software to check the alarm information and contact the equipment manufacturer!

【2】 Detection before light emission

01 The red light detection method is used to check the lens cleanliness. Please click for details.

02 Coaxial test: judge the coaxiality between the nozzle outlet hole and the laser beam according to the following standard. Please click for details.

When you complete the above inspection, the laser cutting machine can be processed with normal light~