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05 Jan Working environment requirements of optical fiber laser cutting machine
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Due to the particularity of the laser cutting machine, the requirements for the environment are relatively high in the use process. According to our visit, some customers do not pay high attention to the equipment use environment, which may lead to many machine failures in the later use, affecting the normal processing and production, and delaying ..
03 Jan Does the focus of the optical fiber laser cutting machine affect the cutting accuracy?
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After determining which focal length lens to use, the relative position of the focus and the workpiece surface is particularly important to ensure the cutting quality. Because the power density at the focus is the highest, in most cases, When cutting, the focus position is just on the surface of the workpiece or slightly below the surface. Therefor..
14 Dec What is the market price of small laser engraving machine
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Laser engraving machineToday's enterprises always need to use engraving machines, but there are also large and small engraving machines, among which small laser engraving machines are more common. Many users are concerned about how much they need in the end?When choosing to buy a small laser engraving machine, we need to consider it together with t..
29 Nov What are the application fields of optical fiber laser cutting machine?
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Let's go straight to the topic: optical fiber laser cutting machine has been gradually popularized in China's major metal processing industries. What are the mainstream applications in?1. Advertising industryDue to more customization in the advertising industry, the efficiency of using traditional methods is very low. The laser cutting machine will..
10 Nov Does the development of filters promote the laser cutting machine?
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The laser cutting machine can cut or micro punch small workpieces such as a variety of materials, metal or non-metallic parts, and has the characteristics of high cutting accuracy, fast speed, small thermal impact, etc. Especially for the fine processing of various high-end materials with high brittleness, the laser cutting machine has outstanding ..
14 Oct The higher the power of laser cutting machine, the better?
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As we all know, competition drives development. There is no doubt that in recent years, the competition in the field of high-power laser cutting machine for sheet metal has been very fierce. In addition to the competition in cutting technology, cutting speed, after-sales service and other aspects, metal laser cutting machine manufacturers have also..
09 Oct What are the operating environment conditions of the laser engraving machine
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Laser engraving machine is one of the most widely used CNC lathes in daily processing and production. When laser engraving machine is used for engraving in industrial production. The requirements for the working environment are relatively high. The appropriate working environment will increase the engraving efficiency and accuracy of the laser engr..
09 Oct What are the use and maintenance methods of laser engraving machine?
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When using the laser engraving machine for daily work, the use and maintenance of the laser engraving machine need to master the methods and careful maintenance to make it run more smoothly. Let's talk about how to use and maintain the laser engraving machine:Field operation of laser engraving machineMethod 1. The installation fulcrum of the laser ..
09 Oct Two Common Faults of Laser Engraving Machine and Their Solutions
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Laser engraving machine is a high-tech product in the current industrial production field. It is not only used for engraving, but also for other processing operations on the workpiece. In the early 1990s, laser engraving machine was born successfully, followed by the rapid development of laser engraving technology. Up to now, the laser engraving ma..
09 Oct How does the laser engraving machine carve graphics
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Laser was first discovered by Einstein. Since it was created by human beings, it has been used more and more widely. Although most people have not been directly exposed to laser, laser products have gradually penetrated into our daily life. It is one of the many applications of laser to carve and cut various exquisite handicrafts.Creativity is ever..
09 Oct How to select a suitable laser engraving machine
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With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more laser products are used in our daily life, and are also widely used in industry, medicine, commerce, military and scientific research in the field of industrial production and processing. Many people are not used to or understand laser terminology, most of them are just vague conce..
09 Oct What are the design principles of laser engraving machine
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Laser engraving machine uses laser to burn the surface of an object, and forms patterns on the surface of the object along a specific path. This is the principle of laser engraving. As a digital control unit, many factors need to be considered when designing a laser engraving machine to achieve reliable and efficient operation. Now let's take a loo..
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