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What are some applications of laser engraving?Award Engraving,Wood Glass ,Acrylic,Leather,Signage Engraving and Cutting.

23 Nov What are the precautions for starting the laser cutting machine?
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Preparations before testing01 In order to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment, ensure that the main power supply of the laser system and water cooler is disconnected, and live working is strictly prohibited;02 Close all water inlet and outlet valves of the water cooler.Tips: Do not direct your eyes to the direction of the laser at any time..
26 Sep Application of laser cutting machine in high-end plastic field
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The laser cutting machine is used to solve the problem of laser engraving machine processing, in addition to the advantages of plastic processing in high-end plastic application field that the material itself meets the requirements of laser cutting, and also solve the practical problem of how to achieve accurate, fast, efficient and clean in the pr..
04 Aug Application of laser cutting machine in auto parts processing
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Laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed, no burr, no mold and tool wear, etc., and is a better method for processing auto parts. The vigorous development of the automobile industry has also led to the development of laser equipment. Laser equipment helps the automotive industry achieve greater efficiency. Metal materials..
04 Aug Application of laser cutting machine in medical equipment industry
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The laser cutting machine is controlled by an intelligent numerical control system, which is far superior to the hand-held operation of skilled workers in terms of processing accuracy. For medical devices, the processing accuracy is directly related to the compliance of the product. Productivity gains are only meaningful if the baseline is maintain..
01 Aug Application of laser cutting machine in Precision Industry
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With the continuous development of technology and the continuous improvement of industrial processing technology in our country, laser cutting technology is also developing and progressing rapidly. In the precision industry, the application of cutting machine is also more and more widely, and has an incomparable role compared with other processes.L..
01 Aug Application of laser cutting in new energy vehicle industry
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With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and the strong support of national policies, as well as the rising trend of international oil prices, more and more people choose new energy vehicles.At present, China's automotive industry is undergoing deep-seated changes. The automotive industry chain is accelerating the transformation to low-car..
29 Jul Advantages of Laser Marking in the Food and Beverage Industry
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Currently, the food and beverage industry requires branding, nutritional information, and expiration dates on products. REDSAIL laser solutions can help the industry achieve fast, efficient laser marking at low cost. Laser marking is a new trend in the food and beverage industry, mainly used to mark codes or brands on packaging or food surfaces. Fo..
29 Jul Application of laser cutting in garment industry
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REDSAIL Laser is in the leading position in the industry with its personalized operation platform, advanced DSP digital control technology, convenient USB data transfer application and other advanced technologies.The REDSAIL laser cutting machine has a large working area and can cut large pieces of fabric. Precise and fast cutting, simple operation..
29 Jul Leather cutting and engraving for the shoe industry
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In the traditional leather shoe industry, the application of laser engraving and cutting technology is a well-known best mode. REDSAIL laser equipment can quickly engrave, cut and hollow out various patterns on various leather materials, as well as non-penetrating blind hole engraving to obtain diverse magic patterns with different depths, differen..
29 Jul Application of laser marking in stationery, corporate promotion souvenirs and gift industries
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Laser marking is the most ideal marking method and can be used for marking various advertising slogans, brand logos and other advertising products. Compared with traditional printing or other printing methods, it has irreplaceable advantages such as high speed, high grade, non-fading and environmental protection.In this industry, wood, rubber, plas..
29 Jul Application of laser marking machine in craft gift industry
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Laser marking equipment can be perfectly used in the handicraft industry of various materials, such as bamboo and wood handicrafts, including chopsticks and brushes; gifts, greeting cards; gold and silver jewelry, trinkets, wine boxes, etc. We offer CO2, YAG and fiber source laser marking systems, including flat plate and galvanometer flying optica..
29 Jul Application of laser engraving and cutting machine in metal processing industry
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There are many types of laser applications in the metalworking industry, mainly including laser cutting, laser engraving and laser welding.With the development and application of laser processing technology in the world, more and more metal material processing users have realized the unique and excellent performance and high efficiency of laser pro..
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