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24 Mar Daily maintenance and operation of laser cutting machine
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Metal laser (laser) splitter (use: metal cutting, non-metal cutting) Remember not to start working. The price of laser cutting machines is not low, ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions. Therefore, the service life of the laser cutting machine should be extended as much as possible in order to better save production costs and win greater b..
24 Mar How to confirm the relationship between laser cutting machine quality and cutting speed
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Laser cutting machines occupy a very large area in the industrial manufacturing industry. Many metal materials, whether stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy materials, can be cut without deformation.The optimal cutting speed range of a metal cutting machine can be selected based on equipment conditions or determined through experiments. Due to d..
24 Mar Daily maintenance of laser
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When the laser cooling water temperature is set below the dew point temperature, condensation is likely to occur. Condensation can cause damage to the electrical and optical components of the laser, and even cause component failure. In order to avoid condensation, the environmental conditions in which the laser is exposed must be within specific li..
24 Mar What are the selection criteria for laser pipe cutting machines?
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What are the selection criteria for laser pipe cutting machines? Such as brand, manufacturer, price, and many other factorsWhat are the selection criteria for laser pipe cutting machines?The most important thing is to determine what is the nature of production? Moreover, effective selection should be made based on the processing material or cutting..
24 Mar Common Problems and Solutions of Laser Cutting Plate
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Laser cutting is widely used in the fields of automobile manufacturing and material processing due to its high accuracy, wide cutting range, high efficiency, strong processing ability, and good flexibility.During laser cutting production, there are also some problems that may seem simple but deadly. Today, I have prepared several common problems an..
21 Mar Application of laser cutting machine in medical equipment industry
Due to the special use environment of medical devices, we have relatively high requirements for their precision, safety, smoothness, and sanitary conditions. Therefore, when producing and manufacturing medical devices, we must strictly require the manufacturer from the source. In the processing of metal medical devices, the traditional mechanical c..
21 Mar Four common processing methods for laser cutting machines
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Laser cutting refers to focusing the laser light emitted from the laser into a high power density laser beam through an optical path system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, causing the workpiece to reach a melting or boiling point, while the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the molten or vaporized metal. As..
21 Mar Precautions for cutting carbon steel with optical fiber laser cutting machine
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When cutting carbon steel materials with an optical fiber laser cutting machine, due to the high hardness of carbon steel, it is necessary to frequently inspect and maintain the optical fiber equipment in order to avoid problems. If there is a problem during processing, it is necessary to investigate all aspects of the fiber laser cutting machine. ..
21 Mar Advantages of High Power Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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1: Market ProspectWith the continuous expansion of the fiber laser cutting machine market, 10000 watt fiber laser cutting machines are becoming more and more popular. Compared to medium and low power fiber laser cutting machines,High power fiber laser cutting machines have faster cutting speed, higher processing quality, and support thicker cutting..
21 Mar What is the working principle of fiber laser cutting machine
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The word "laser" is a paraphrase of "laser". "Laser" in English originally means "Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation", and has been translated into "laser", "light maser", "light stimulated radiation amplifier", etc. in China. In 1964, Academician Qian Xuesen suggested that the Chinese name be "laser", which not only reflects t..
17 Mar Safety points for operating metal laser cutting machines
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In the operation process of laser cutting machines, both production and processing safety issues are the first priority, especially in the operation process of metal laser cutting machines, once an accident occurs, whether it is personnel safety, machine equipment, or processing, one party will always be affectedSafety points for operating metal la..
17 Mar How to adjust the accuracy of fiber laser cutting machines over time?
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With its irreplaceable processing advantages, optical fiber laser cutting machines have gained the trust of many metal processing enterprises. However, although the efficiency of fiber laser cutting machines is high, after using them for a period of time, there may be some errors in the cutting accuracy, and the processed products may not achieve t..
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