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23 May How does a fiber laser cutting machine work?
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Laser cutting is the process of focusing the laser emitted from the laser into a high-power laser beam through an optical system. The laser beam irradiates the surface of the workpiece, causing it to reach the melting or boiling point, and high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam blows away the melted or vaporized metal. As the beam of light moves r..
23 May What are the advantages of a large surround laser cutting machine?
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(1) Good cutting quality① The laser cutting incision is thin and narrow, with both sides of the cutting seam parallel and perpendicular to the surface;② The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, with a surface roughness of only a few tens of micrometers. Even laser cutting can be used as the final process, without the need for processing, and th..
23 May How to operate a laser cutting machine correctly?
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1. Follow the user manual of the laser cutting machine and strictly follow the above procedure to start the equipment.2. Personnel operating equipment must undergo training from the laser cutting machine manufacturer before they can take up their positions.3. When processing materials, necessary protective equipment such as safety glasses must be w..
23 May What is the difference between laser cutting and wire cutting?
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Laser cutting: The advantage of using CO2 pulse lasers nowadays is that both metal and non-metal materials can be cut. If the plate is too thick, laser cutting can be repeated twice until the workpiece is cut, but this is a waste of energy.Wire cutting: The disadvantage is that only conductive materials can be cut, and coolant needs to be cut durin..
23 May What are the factors that affect the cutting process and air pressure of laser cutting machines?
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What are the factors that affect the cutting process and air pressure of a laser cutting machine?The reason for the decrease in cutting speed under high auxiliary gas pressure can be attributed not only to the enhanced cooling effect of high airflow speed on the suspension zone, but also to the interference of intermittent shock waves in the airflo..
16 May Analysis of Avoiding Pits When Choosing Metal Laser Cutting Machines
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Analysis of Avoiding Pits When Choosing Metal Laser Cutting MachinesCutting materials and scope of requirements:Firstly, determine the material and thickness of the cutting material, and then determine the power of the required equipment and the size of the workbench. In the market, the power of laser cutting machines varies from -, and most manufa..
16 May What industries are currently popular for fiber laser cutting machines?
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With the steady development of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machines have gradually replaced old-fashioned cutting and forming with their automation and flexibility. Nowadays, metal laser cutting is becoming increasingly popular. Below, we summarize what some fiber laser cutting machines can do and in which industries can they be widely ap..
16 May What is the reason for the deformation of the finished product cut by a laser cutting machine?
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The optical fiber laser cutting machine can be used for both plane cutting and bevel cutting, and the edges are neat and smooth. It is suitable for high-precision cutting of metal plates, etc., with high precision, fast speed, narrow cutting seam, the smallest Heat-affected zone, and smooth cutting surface without burrs. The laser cutting head will..
16 May What is the difference between a laser tube cutting machine and a laser plate tube integrated machine
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With the development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting plays an irreplaceable role in the field of metal products. At present, there are two types of laser equipment for cutting metal pipes: laser pipe cutting machines and plate tube integrated laser cutting machines. Which one is more suitable for you?Advantages of laser pipe cutting mach..
16 May What should be noted during the use of fiber laser cutting machines?
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1. Follow the safety operating procedures for general laser cutting machines (as follows). The laser is strictly started according to the laser startup program.2. Users must undergo training, be familiar with device structure and performance, and master relevant knowledge of operating systems.3. Wear protective tools according to regulations, and w..
16 May Discussion on the Process Difficulties and Solutions of High Power Laser Cutting Machine
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High power laser cutting machines have unparalleled advantages such as large cutting width, fast cutting speed, and the ability to cut thicker plates. High power laser cutting has gained unanimous recognition in the market. However, due to the fact that high-power cutting technology is still in its early stages of popularization, some operators are..
12 May Comparison of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, CO2, YAG
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The reason why fiber laser cutting machines can quickly establish a foothold in the market and gradually replace traditional cutting processes is due to their unique advantages in various aspects. So what is their excellence? Let's compare the CO2 laser cutting machine with the YAG laser cutting machine!1、 Fiber laser cutting machine VS Co2 laser c..
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