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09 Oct What are the operating environment conditions of the laser engraving machine
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Laser engraving machine is one of the most widely used CNC lathes in daily processing and production. When laser engraving machine is used for engraving in industrial production. The requirements for the working environment are relatively high. The appropriate working environment will increase the engraving efficiency and accuracy of the laser engr..
09 Oct What are the causes of the error prompted on the control panel of the laser engraving machine
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The laser engraving machine, as a precision engraving machine for workpieces, has a very mature technology, and now occupies a leading position in the industrial production and processing industry. The laser engraving machine is used to engrave the workpiece. First, it can ensure the accuracy and efficiency of engraving. Second, it can effectively ..
09 Oct How does the laser engraving machine carve graphics
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Laser was first discovered by Einstein. Since it was created by human beings, it has been used more and more widely. Although most people have not been directly exposed to laser, laser products have gradually penetrated into our daily life. It is one of the many applications of laser to carve and cut various exquisite handicrafts.Creativity is ever..
09 Oct How to select a suitable laser engraving machine
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With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more laser products are used in our daily life, and are also widely used in industry, medicine, commerce, military and scientific research in the field of industrial production and processing. Many people are not used to or understand laser terminology, most of them are just vague conce..
09 Oct What are the design principles of laser engraving machine
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Laser engraving machine uses laser to burn the surface of an object, and forms patterns on the surface of the object along a specific path. This is the principle of laser engraving. As a digital control unit, many factors need to be considered when designing a laser engraving machine to achieve reliable and efficient operation. Now let's take a loo..
21 Sep Application of laser engraving machine
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(1) Plaques, signs and signs The ever-changing construction of urban public facilities, the renovation of streets, modern residential quarters, hotels, and office buildings have generated a lot of demand for signs and guidance systems that meet international standards. , signs, and signs occupy a considerable part. In order to establish a good corp..
09 Sep Laser marking engraving ceramics
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Pottery is the art of earth, and the art of fire is actually the art of life. It is from the perspective of expressing life that the potters implicitly express people's thoughts and feelings.With the gradual heating up of the ceramic art craze, ceramic products have been favored by more and more people. Making ceramic art by hand has become another..
06 Sep Laser engraving receipt code
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Two dimensional codes play a huge role in life, especially as a payment method preferred by consumers. Alipay and wechat collection codes can be found in any shop, big or small, even in rural small shops. With the coverage of the collection code, some lawless elements breed. They tear up or directly cover the two-dimensional code of the store and r..
06 Sep Laser engraving business card
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Business is not easy to do? Is my business card too common? Customers can't remember themselves and products? Giving people the same business cards in front of them is also the beginning of success.The traditional screen printing and printing of business cards are too popular, and business cards are easy to be discarded. In many cases, when you enc..
05 Sep Laser Engraved Greeting Cards
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A greeting card is a kind of heart and a kind of wish, no matter it is small and exquisite or brilliant, the emotions it can contain are the same or similar. Express your best wishes to relatives and friends in a way that speaks louder than words.Greeting cards are a kind of cards that people express their greetings. People often give greeting card..
02 Sep Laser engraving automotive interior
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Mass production is a common production mode in manufacturing industryThe same is true in the automotive fieldThe car interiors presented by mass-produced models tend to be uniformFor consumers who pursue high experience demandThe "tailor-made" car interior can better fit the owner's own styleLaser engraving car interior to create a driving space wi..
31 Aug Advantages of laser engraving machine
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After the combination of laser engraving and computer control technology, compared with the traditional engraving method, it shows an incomparably powerful advantage, and realizes the fine engraving of arbitrary graphics. As the saying goes, if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tool. Therefore, many manufacturers with engra..
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