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09 Oct Reasons for two common faults of laser marking machine
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When marking the workpiece, the laser marking machine mainly emits the laser through the fiber laser, then transmits it to the high-speed scanning galvanometer through the fiber transmission device, and then integrates a beam to achieve the marking function of the workpiece. The photoelectric conversion of laser marking machine has a high conversio..
09 Oct What are the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine for carving glass
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In the hot weather, glass is like ice. It not only looks like ice, but also blocks the invasion of hot weather, making it cool. However, some strange and colorful patterns cannot be carved manually, so the laser marking machine provides a solid technical foundation for the unique shape of glass. Now let's talk about the advantages of CO2 laser mark..
30 Sep Carving Jewelry with Laser Marking Machine
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Many people begin to take jewelry making as a new hobby. Customizing your jewelry can make it a special gift. When customizing jewelry, the best choice is to carve it. You can engrave any name or message on the ring or pendant. Jewelry stores usually use laser marking machines to carve and cut gold and silver.Basic Guide to Jewelry CarvingCarving i..
30 Sep What is the difference between UV laser marking machine and optical fiber laser marking machine?
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Optical fiber laser marking machine and ultraviolet laser marking machine. Both machines can carve many materials, including plastic, leather, metal and other materials. But what is the main difference? Why is one more expensive than the other? Here, we will explain the difference between the two technologies and their main purposes. because1. Lase..
21 Sep Several advantages of laser marking machine
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The laser marking machine has high precision, the speed of light of the laser is very fine, and it acts on the surface of the material, and the small repositioning accuracy can reach 0.01mm. It is suitable for the marking of fine instruments and parts. The current precision can meet the needs of marking on extremely small plastic and metal surfaces..
21 Sep What is the use of the red light of the laser marking machine
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Many manufacturers engaged in laser marking processing will ask when purchasing equipment: Does this machine have a red light adjustment function? What exactly does this "red light adjustment" do? To this end, this editor specially asked the technical staff for advice, sorted out several important functions, and shared them with you.       1. Adjus..
21 Sep Do you know what the cooling equipment of laser marking machine is?
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The cooling equipment of laser marking machine adopts water cooling or air cooling, which mainly depends on the power of the equipment itself. The functions of water cooling and air cooling are the same, and both play a cooling role to ensure the normal operation of the laser marking machine. For example, the power of semiconductor laser marking ma..
21 Sep High clarity and anti-counterfeiting of laser marking machine
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Since the outbreak of the epidemic, masks have become a necessity of life at this stage. However, the huge demand gap has made some unscrupulous traders take advantage of it, a large number of inferior masks have entered the market, and entries related to fake mask fraud have repeatedly appeared on the hot search. Fake masks not only have no protec..
21 Sep How does the UV laser marking machine operate?
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The laser industry satisfies the manufacturers and processors of major enterprises in a variety of forms. For different materials and different objects and different needs, laser manufacturers will debug and adapt according to the actual situation. Under the current rapid economic development, more and more The more materials and supplies are using..
09 Sep Laser marking engraving ceramics
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Pottery is the art of earth, and the art of fire is actually the art of life. It is from the perspective of expressing life that the potters implicitly express people's thoughts and feelings.With the gradual heating up of the ceramic art craze, ceramic products have been favored by more and more people. Making ceramic art by hand has become another..
09 Sep Difference between flying laser marking machine and static laser marking machine
09 Sep Application of laser marking machine in switch board surface
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As the base material in home decoration, the switch panel carries out the beauty of the room space to the end. In order to meet the needs of modern home life for appearance and grade, the functions of the panel begin to diversify and become intelligent. The switch panel laser marking machine gives the best expression to the beauty of the panel.The ..
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