The cooling equipment of laser marking machine adopts water cooling or air cooling, which mainly depends on the power of the equipment itself. The functions of water cooling and air cooling are the same, and both play a cooling role to ensure the normal operation of the laser marking machine. For example, the power of semiconductor laser marking machine is relatively large, generally water-cooled, and the cooling capacity of water-cooling is larger, and the disadvantage of water-cooling is that the volume is relatively large. Air cooling is generally suitable for low-power CO2 marking machines, fiber laser marking machines, UV laser marking machines, etc. The air cooling has a small volume and ideal cooling capacity.

      1. It is strictly forbidden to carry out idling and random debugging of the power supply during the processing of the laser marking machine, and it must be operated according to the actual situation;

      2. The laser marking machine of the semiconductor series must not be produced and debugged when the water tank is not running or without water, because the laser machine of the semiconductor series belongs to high temperature thermal processing, and cooling without water may cause serious consequences;

      3. In the process of operation, if there is an abnormal phenomenon, be sure to turn off the power in time, and make a series of inspections and maintenance after the vibration mirror stops working;

      4. If it is a laser marking machine of co2 and semiconductor series, it must be operated in accordance with the order of switching on and off to prevent damage caused by misoperation;

      5. Whether it is a water-cooled or air-cooled laser marking machine, the dirt inside the water tank or fan should be cleaned up, and a regular cleaning work should be done, which not only has a good operability for the laser marking machine, but also has a good effect on the life of the equipment. Greatly improved, to ensure smooth work at work.

      Which cooling equipment is used depends on what parameters the customer chooses for the laser marking machine, and the correct use of the cooling equipment also involves the service life of the laser marking machine. Therefore, the proper use of these equipment can create its real value. .