The laser industry satisfies the manufacturers and processors of major enterprises in a variety of forms. For different materials and different objects and different needs, laser manufacturers will debug and adapt according to the actual situation. Under the current rapid economic development, more and more The more materials and supplies are using UV laser marking machine, at this time can choose a variety of debugging UV laser equipment.

      At present, there are many materials that can be processed by UV laser marking machines, such as glass, circuit board PCB/FPC, ceramics, plastics, silica gel, acrylic, and other products. The advantage of UV laser marking machine is that it can make relevant solutions according to the different needs of customers. The power of Hanting laser solution can choose 3W/5w/10w lasers, which can mark LOGO trademarks and characters on different materials. , QR code, pattern, serial number, serial number, symbol, garbled number, etc. Of course, the power of the UV laser marking machine is generally small, but it is more convenient. Compared with other laser marking machines, the UV laser marking machine adopts a cold working process. The processing process is called "Photoetching" effect, "cold processing" of photons with very high loading energy (ultraviolet), which can break chemical bonds in the material or the surrounding medium, so that the material undergoes athermal processes without heating or thermal deformation in the inner layer and nearby areas etc., the finished material has smooth edges and minimal carbonization, so it is perfectly fine and thermally affected.

How does the UV laser marking machine operate?

      Because of its cold working characteristics, it can be used in a wide range of applications. While it can finely mark most materials, it can also meet mass production and assembly line operations. It is the right-hand man for enterprises in the field of fine processing. Restriction, that is to say, the degree of freedom is large, and it is not easily affected by the material, shape, size and environment of the object, and it is especially outstanding in special processing. The flexibility is not easy for other laser marking machines to match. For example, the processing of optical fiber and CO2 laser marking machines will generate high temperature, and cannot process precise and fragile materials like UV laser marking machines, but UV laser marking machines can Process some of their materials, such as hardware and leather.

      Ultraviolet laser marking machine has many advantages such as fast engraving speed, high production efficiency, long service life, environmental protection, simple operation, etc. It is suitable for surface treatment such as marking and engraving of high flame retardant materials. An important part of the transformation is a very advantageous marking tool.