Many people begin to take jewelry making as a new hobby. Customizing your jewelry can make it a special gift. When customizing jewelry, the best choice is to carve it. You can engrave any name or message on the ring or pendant. Jewelry stores usually use laser marking machines to carve and cut gold and silver.

Basic Guide to Jewelry Carving

Carving is a simple and fast process, but it makes jewelry appreciate. Jewelers can choose different crafts to carve works. Understanding sculpting and its process can help you determine the best choice. This article will guide you to understand what sculpture is, different types of sculpture and different materials you can carve.

What is sculpture?

Sculpture is the act of marking the surface of an object to create a design on it. Unlike other types of marks, when you sculpt an object, you will feel the position of the marked surface. "Sculpt" is permanent and more accurate.

The carving process has been very advanced, so most jewelers can easily carve very complex custom designs on their jewelry. You can program any custom design you need into the computer, and then the computer will control the engraving machine to create accurate engraving according to the custom design. Thanks to the computer-controlled process, jewelers can rest assured that their carving will fully meet their expectations.

Carving Jewelry with Laser Marking Machine

Rotate Sculpt

Any manual carving is completed with traditional rotary carving tools. However, there are also mechanical rotary engraving tools, in which the design is programmed into a computer and then etched onto the surface according to the programmed design.

However, traditional rotary carving has some disadvantages. Although rotary engraving can be very precise, the engraving design can only be like a drill. In addition, the bit itself needs to be replaced when it is worn. Traditional rotary carving also takes longer.

The biggest disadvantage of traditional carving is that it cannot be used on some materials. Traditional rotary carving cannot be used for delicate objects sensitive to heat or pressure. You will not be able to carve any jewelry made of plastic or glass, as rotary carving can easily damage or destroy these materials.

Laser engraving

Laser engraving uses high-power laser beams to etch the surface of materials. Similar to the mechanical rotary engraving machine, you only need to input the design into the software, and then the machine will engrave the required design into the jewelry. However, using the laser engraving machine can make the accuracy higher, because the diameter of the laser can be minimized as required. Similarly, the intensity of the laser can determine the depth of carving.

Unlike the traditional rotary engraving machine, you do not need to worry about the materials it can engrave. Laser marking machines can be used for highly sensitive materials, such as paper. Although paper is not a common material for jewelry. No matter which material you want to carve. All can be customized according to customer requirements.

Moreover, unlike rotary engraving, there are fewer accessories, such as drill bits, which need to be replaced once damaged. Therefore, if you want to carve by yourself instead of hiring a carving company, please consider using a laser marking machine, because its maintenance is much less than that of a rotary engraving machine.