Many manufacturers engaged in laser marking processing will ask when purchasing equipment: Does this machine have a red light adjustment function? What exactly does this "red light adjustment" do? To this end, this editor specially asked the technical staff for advice, sorted out several important functions, and shared them with you.

       1. Adjust the optical path of the resonator

        The working principle of the resonator is based on the multi-beam interference in the cavity, and a basic condition for the interference is the spatial coincidence of the beams, which requires us to control the direction of the beam very precisely to couple into the resonator, that is, optical-cavity coupling. Such as semiconductor laser marking machine.

      2. Positioning

      Only when the marking position is determined can the processing and production be carried out efficiently. As the indicator light for marking and positioning of the laser marking machine, according to the different marking software, it can be divided into marking focus indication, 9-point indication of the marking pattern, indication of the length and width of the marking pattern, and overall marking pattern. A variety of instruction methods such as analog instructions.

      3. The focusing red light can also be used as the focus point of the laser marking machine, that is, the indication of the marking distance (this means that sometimes the red light is not displayed, and sometimes the red light appears, but only the red light is seen in the The phenomenon of flickering and flickering, but no light). The distance where the two red light spots overlap is exactly the distance of the laser marking airport mirror. In this case, it is not necessary to use a steel ruler to measure the marking distance every time the product is replaced, which reduces the operation steps and improves the performance. marking speed.