In the hot weather, glass is like ice. It not only looks like ice, but also blocks the invasion of hot weather, making it cool. However, some strange and colorful patterns cannot be carved manually, so the laser marking machine provides a solid technical foundation for the unique shape of glass. Now let's talk about the advantages of CO2 laser marking machine for carving glass:

Field operation of laser marking machine

1. Good marking line.

At the beginning of design and manufacture, the CO2 laser marking machine has used the world's advanced and first-class laser. When the laser marking machine is operating, it can ensure that the laser output power and frequency remain stable, and the unique laser head ensures the marking accuracy of the laser marking machine. At present, the laser marking machine has gradually replaced the traditional marking equipment in the production field of glass products to carve glass.

2. The CO2 laser marking machine has low failure rate and long service life.

When the traditional marking or engraving equipment is used to process the workpiece, it often causes the equipment to heat seriously and cannot continue to work due to the long working time of the machine, which may even damage the machine. The use of the laser marking machine does not need to worry about this problem. The laser marking machine can work for a long time and operate in large quantities in a streamlined manner, which improves the work efficiency and reduces the consumption of production costs.

3. Carbon dioxide laser marking machine is not harmful to human body and environment.

When carbon dioxide laser marking machine is used to mark glass, no harmful substances will be produced and no harm will be caused to human body and environment. Moreover, the CO2 laser marking machine also has a unique purification treatment system to ensure the clean and pollution-free environment.

4. Intelligent operation.

CO2 laser marking machine adopts advanced numerical control system to control the marking process, which makes the operation more simple, convenient and intelligent.