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29 Sep Practical application of laser cutting equipment in various industries in China
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Laser cutting equipment has become very popular in our life, but the laser technology used in various industries is very different. At present, the mature laser processing technologies include: laser rapid prototyping technology, laser welding technology, laser drilling technology, laser cutting technology, laser marking technology, laser weight re..
25 Aug School (university) research room special laser cutting machine - teaching laser cutting machine inventory
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In recent years, laser machines have ushered in an era of rapid development, gradually entering the education industry, entering the university research room, and being used in scientific research in all walks of life, breaking through the existing technical bottlenecks in many industries. Today, Xiaobian will take stock of several laser cutting mo..
24 Aug Curtain Curtain Head Laser Cutting Machine
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A curtain is composed of curtain cloth, window screen, curtain head, straps, accessories and other parts. There are many processes from raw materials to finished products, and the most important one is the cutting and cutting process. The traditional cutting and manual cutting process is not only low in efficiency, but also difficult to control the..
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