Many people think that fiber laser cutting machines belong to the category of cutting machines, and using imported lasers, the cutting range should be very wide, and the effect should be much better than other methods. In fact, there are special types of cutting machines, and each cutting machine has Its advantages and disadvantages are analyzed in detail below.

First of all, fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the processing category of metal laser cutting machine, so it can only cut metal, but not non-metal such as cloth, leather, stone, etc. The reason is very simple, the wavelength range of fiber laser cutting machine is not one of the absorption range of the above materials It can not achieve the ideal cutting effect. At present, the advantages of applying it to non-metal cutting are not very obvious. Of course, the possibility of developing this demand in the future cannot be ruled out;

Secondly, fiber laser cutting machine is not recommended for long-term cutting of rare metal materials such as aluminum and copper, because these materials are highly reflective materials (Note: high reflection has little to do with the smoothness of the cutting surface of the sheet, mainly because the wavelength of the laser is not in these Within the ideal absorption range of the material, the absorption effect is not good, most of the energy is reflected back, and it is easy to damage the protective lens in front of the laser head), the long-term use effect is not good, and the consumption of consumables will be increased;

Finally, the fiber laser cutting machine, according to its power, the cutting thickness also changes accordingly.