1. Follow the user manual of the laser cutting machine and strictly follow the above procedure to start the equipment.

2. Personnel operating equipment must undergo training from the laser cutting machine manufacturer before they can take up their positions.

3. When processing materials, necessary protective equipment such as safety glasses must be worn.

4. Refuse to use laser irradiation and processing until the processing materials are clearly defined.

5. After the laser cutting machine is started, dedicated personnel must be present to prevent unauthorized departure. If you need to leave, you should turn off the device.

6. There should be fire extinguishers and other readily available equipment near the laser cutting machine.

7. During the processing, if any abnormal situations are found, they should be immediately stopped and then a dedicated person should be appointed for testing.

8. The laser cutting machine equipment after use must be cleaned in a timely manner to make sufficient preparations for the next processing step.

9. Regularly and timely inspect consumables such as laser tubes and auxiliary gases. Make sure it's sufficient!

10. When the laser cutting machine is working, attention should be paid to observing every detail of the machine tool for any abnormalities.