In recent years, with the development of laser technology and the expansion of market demand, sheet fiber laser cutting machine technology has been more and more widely used in the field of metal processing. Sheet laser cutting machine is not a cheap equipment, so we should take care of it when using it.

At present, many enterprises have introduced sheet laser cutting machines. When using sheet fiber laser cutting machines, some operators are not very careful when using the equipment due to their inexperience or unskilled, which has caused great losses to the sheet laser cutting machines, especially the parts of mechanical precision parts, such as laser heads. When these small problems are ignored or cannot be solved well, after a certain period of loss accumulation, they will become serious diseases like people, and the problems of optical fiber laser cutting machine will be exposed, and the failures will occur frequently. How can the thin plate laser cutting machine reduce the loss? Let's take a quick and simple look.

Before starting the fiber laser cutting machine, push the beam forward and backward by hand, and the trolley can only be powered on if it moves left and right without abnormal noise. When the sheet laser cutting machine completes the work of the day, it should carefully clean up the waste and debris in the machine. Although there are gathered protective glasses in the laser head, it should still be cleaned up, which can prevent the machine movement system from being damaged by foreign objects.

How to reduce the loss of sheet laser cutting machine? Clean the moving parts of the laser cutting machine to keep the machine in good working condition:

1、 Add a little lubricating oil to the screw, including the screw on the laser tube support and the first reflector, which can facilitate the disassembly and assembly during maintenance. Note: Do not add lubricating oil to the timing belt, drag chain, air pipe, motor, sensor, lens and wire.

2、 Do not place objects in the machine to avoid unnecessary damage to the machine.

3、 Clean the dust and foreign matters on the metal oil tanker, metal shaft, sliding block and linear guide rail with cotton cloth, then add lubricating oil, and carry out idle reciprocating movement. Optical fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used for metal cutting. The laser beam diameter of the laser cutting machine can reach 0.1 mm, and the cutting diameter on metal materials can reach about 0.2 mm. Therefore, the cutting pattern is very accurate. It not only improves the artistic taste and technical content of sheet metal processing, but also increases the profit margin. So when you operate the fiber laser cutting machine, you must cherish and standardize the operation, so that the equipment can better serve you.

The above is the whole content of how to reduce the loss of sheet laser cutting machine. I hope this article can help you.