With the development of cutting technology, laser cutting machine has replaced traditional cutting technology as one of the most common and commonly used cutting technologies~

The laser cutting machine is more accurate than the traditional cutting process, and has been widely used in all walks of life. However, if the laser cutting machine is not maintained, its service life will also be reduced.

For the laser cutting machine, the pump source and crystal inside affect the life, which is actually the life of the lamp. Generally speaking, the life of lamps and crystals is equal to the standard. When the energy decreases, the processing performance of the laser cutting machine will be greatly reduced, so the only solution is to replace the pump source and crystal. When the laser cutting machine cuts materials, the working surface will release a lot of gas and splash, which will cause damage to the lens. When pollutants fall on the lens surface, they will absorb energy from the laser beam, resulting in thermal lens effect. If the lens has not formed thermal stress, the operator can disassemble it and clean it. The power of the laser cutting machine drops suddenly, which may cause the glass tube to break. However, there are traces of watermarks on the wall of the broken glass tube. The power of air conditioner and air dryer can be increased to reduce the air humidity; In case of high temperature with high humidity, the glass may also break. No dirt or residue remains on the mirror surface; Dry with dry air; If necessary, roll the lens paper wetted with a few drops of acetone into a rod and gently scrub the lens surface to remove heavy dirt drops.