Copper foil Aluminum foil is a metal sheet made of aluminum or copper. Because of its good thermal conductivity, good material insulation and high cost performance, it is widely used in the 3C electronics industry, such as battery pole pieces, capacitors, etc. Because it is usually used in the precision electronics industry with high precision requirements, it greatly increases the difficulty of cutting copper foil and aluminum foil. Advantage. The commonly used cutting machine for copper foil and aluminum foil is called copper foil and aluminum foil laser cutting machine, and it can also be called ultraviolet laser cutting machine. It is a device that is much better in accuracy than traditional laser models. It is widely used in the cutting and opening of FPC/PCB sheets in the electronics industry, PI film cutting, polyimide and other polymer materials, ceramics, quartz and other non-metallic materials, and various metal and alloy materials and other processing applications, tungsten copper foil and aluminum foil processing.

What are the advantages of copper and aluminum foil laser cutting?

1. Laser cutting is non-contact cutting, which has no pressure on the surface of copper foil and aluminum foil, and will not cause scratches and other damages

2. Precise energy control, compared with the traditional cutting process, the cutting accuracy is greatly improved, up to 0.01mm

3. The heat-affected zone of laser cutting is small, the UV picosecond laser can achieve "cold" cutting effect, and the edge is smooth and free of burrs

4. The equipment is easy to operate, and the cutting pattern and size can be changed at any time, which is suitable for cutting various complex graphic patterns

Features of UV laser cutting machine:

1. Equipped with 600*500mm work surface, and double work surface can also be customized according to requirements

2. Adopt marble platform and linear motor drive system to ensure the accuracy and stability of high-speed operation of the platform

3. Equipped with high-pixel CCD automatic alignment function to ensure accurate product cutting alignment;

4. It can be equipped with a large-format telecentric field lens to ensure that no splicing is required when processing large-format products. The maximum single processing width can reach 200×200mm