What are the selection criteria for laser pipe cutting machines? Such as brand, manufacturer, price, and many other factors

What are the selection criteria for laser pipe cutting machines?

The most important thing is to determine what is the nature of production? Moreover, effective selection should be made based on the processing material or cutting thickness. Only in this way can you determine whether the equipment you need to purchase is the most suitable machine model, laying the groundwork for subsequent procurement work. How to choose a laser cutting machine will have more selection criteria in this regard.

1. Cutting precision

When purchasing laser pipe cutting machines, it is also important to take a look at their cutting accuracy. Basically, they can be controlled between 0.15 mm and 0.215 mm.

2. Cutting surface smoothness

During the actual cutting process of pipe laser cutting machines, the smoothness of the cutting surface is also very important. It is important to see if there are any burrs on their cutting surface. Generally speaking, laser cutting machines have some burrs to some extent, which are basically determined by the cutting thickness or the gas used. There are no burrs below 3mm, and the smoothness of the cutting surface is greatly affected by auxiliary gas, The effect of nitrogen gas is the best, followed by oxygen. If there is air inside, then this effect is also the worst. Fiber laser cutting machines have relatively few burrs, and even the surface without burrs is very smooth.

3. Relationship to materials

If a laser cutting machine is used for cutting, the deformation effect of good equipment on cutting materials is very small. Otherwise, the effect will be worse

4. Greatly influenced by the power of the machine

Most manufacturers have their own power requirements for equipment such as laser cutting machines. Judging from existing conditions, most factories also cut metal plates below 6mm, so it is not necessary to buy high-power cutting machines.