Laser cutting: The advantage of using CO2 pulse lasers nowadays is that both metal and non-metal materials can be cut. If the plate is too thick, laser cutting can be repeated twice until the workpiece is cut, but this is a waste of energy.

Wire cutting: The disadvantage is that only conductive materials can be cut, and coolant needs to be cut during the cutting process. Materials such as paper and leather that are not conductive, afraid of water, or afraid of coolant pollution during cutting cannot be cut. But its advantage is that, regardless of being completed at once, the cutting edge is relatively rough. There are two types of commonly used wire cutting wires, one is molybdenum wire (molybdenum is very valuable). The advantage of using molybdenum wire for fast wire cutting equipment is that it can be reused multiple times; Another method is to use copper wire (which is much cheaper than molybdenum wire anyway) for slow wire equipment, but the disadvantage is that copper wire can only be used once. In addition, the fast wire machine is much cheaper than the slow wire machine, and the price of one slow wire machine is equivalent to 5 or 6 fast wire machines.