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25 Aug Cold drink ice cream stick laser marking machine
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Entering the hot summer, cold drink popsicles have become more and more favorite foods for many people. With the development of the economy, the price of cold drinks has also developed from the price of a fifth of a cent in childhood to a few pieces, dozens or even hundreds of pieces now. Of course, the rise in prices is not only due to the rise in..
24 Aug Ceramic products engraving and lettering equipment - ceramic laser marking machine
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Ceramics have a long cultural history and have appeared in the early stage of human civilization. With the progress of human civilization, ceramics have gradually integrated into our lives due to their increasingly exquisite appearance, and ceramic products can be seen everywhere in life. The application of ceramic laser marking machine promotes th..
24 Aug Laser Wood Grain Engraving Machine
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Wood grain is the growth rings of trees, representing a unique rustic charm. For some decoration needs, it is often necessary to mark and engrave a simulated wood grain on the surface of the wood, which has the effect of decoration and beautification. Today I will introduce a wood grain imitation process - wood grain laser marking process.The wood ..
24 Aug Fabric laser printing burning process
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Fabric laser printing refers to the process of using a high-energy laser beam to irradiate the surface of the fabric to form a unique process. Compared with traditional digital printing, laser printing does not print and dye various colors and patterns, but is based on the fabric itself. Some fabrics have different shades of colors based on lasers...
24 Aug Principle and application of MOPA laser marking machine
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Fiber laser marking machines are well known to many people and are mainly used to mark various metal materials. However, few people know that metal materials can also be marked and engraved with MOPA laser marking machines. Our common mobile phone shells are usually made of alumina, and the LOGO on the surface is usually marked by a MOPA marking ma..
29 Jul Application of laser marking machine in electrical and electronic industry
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Laser marking is becoming more and more popular in the electrical and electronics industry, it is essential for the branding and coding of accessories, engines, product casings and products, for easy marketing and tracking, it is often used to mark barcodes, digital 2D barcodes, serial numbers , production date and shift code.GBOS laser equipment p..
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